LED Overview

The LED lights red while the AC Battery boots up. If the LED remains red for more than two minutes, the battery is in trickle charge mode and will remain so until it reaches a minimum state of charge (up to 30 minutes). After the AC Battery is 

booted up, the LED becomes blue or green (depending on the charge level). If the LED remains red after one hour or changes to a flashing red state, contact Enphase Customer Support.

Solid red
Starting up
Red flashes in sequences of 2
Error. See “Troubleshooting”.
Solid amber
Not operating due to high temperature. See“Troubleshooting”
Solid blue or green
Idle - color transitions from blue to green asstate of charge increases. You can check Enlighten for charge status.
Slowly flashing blue
Slowly flashing green
Green one second flashing
Looking for no ncommissioned uni
Not operating. See “Troubleshooting”


If the AC Battery is not operating correctly, perform the following steps. If the issue persists, contact Enphase Customer Support.

  1. If the AC Battery does not operate, check the temperature in the room and increase cooling and/or ventilation as required. Check that the front and sides of the AC Battery have at least 30 mm of unobstructed clearance.
  2. If the AC Battery LED is off, turn off the breaker for the branchcircuit, wait for at least one minute, and turn it back on.
  3. During a brownout or blackout, the AC Battery powers down automatically. This is normal. When power is restored, it automatically starts up again.
  4. If you do not see AC Battery information in Enlighten, check that he Envoy-S and the Internet connection are working.