At Metro Solar, we design Solar Systems to produce the most usable energy possible!

When designing a Solar System there is a fundamental question that needs to be asked - When do you use the energy in your house?

Mornings - You need to have some panels on the East to catch the morning sun

Daytime - Panels on the North face will help save throughout the whole day

Evenings -  You need panels on the West to catch the evening sun.

The average household uses energy throughout the entire day, but the majority is normally in the afternoon. 

As a result of this we will always look to install on the North or West Facing roofs first to ensure that your producing energy when you need it the most.

Panels on the East face always help to reduce your bills too, your total yield for these panels may be less, but it's using the power that creates the savings on your bill... Why not put the dishwasher on in the morning when you leave for work?