There’s not much for you to do - Metro Solar will take care of the rest.


Installation Inspection


All solar installations in Victoria must be inspected by a third party Electrical Inspector; Metro Solar arrange this on your behalf and is included in the cost of your solar investment. The Inspector will contact you to arrange a brief house visit to complete the necessary checks. This will take place up to 7 days post installation. Once inspected you can turn your solar system ON if the inspector hasn’t done so.


Meter Changeover/Reprogramming


Once we receive the paperwork from the Inspector (up to 2 days after inspection), Metro Solar will email all paperwork to your retailer and network provider (copying you in) to arrange your meter change/reprogram. The meter change/reprogram timeframe of 5 to 15+ working days after this action. You will be charged through your electricity bill by your retailer for this work. The timeframe for this step is out of Metro Solars’ control. Please touch base with your retailer to follow up.


Setting up your Solar Tariff.... Shopping around


Once your meter changeover/reprogram has been complete, contact your retailer to arrange your new solar tariff and electricity rates if not already confirmed. Different retailers have different solar tariffs and rates available, so shop around for the best deal for you.... you could save more off your bills.


Viewing my Solar Production


Remember you can always check online to see what your solar has produced – visit

Your log in details will have been sent to your email address approx 5 days after your installation. Log in and have a look around and familiarize yourself with the view.


For the tech savvy there is also a “MyEnlighten” App from Enphase available on both ITunes & Google Play Store so you can view your solar whilst on the go.