Solar system on the roof, Sun is shining.... energy bill is still high

We all want to maximise our solar investment to reduce our paybacks and also reduce our electricity bills as much as possible; this means we have to maximise our usage.

There are a couple of handy tricks that can help this happen:

  • Washing machine - turn the washing machine on in the morning before you leave for work, leaving it running during the day will mean that the solar energy is going to help power it, reducing the electrical cost of running it. if its possible, set a timer on the machine for it to come on around mid day, this way you will be maximising your savings.
  • Dish Washer - follow the same concept as the washing machine; turning the machine on during the day instead of at night will increase your savings
  • Air conditioning - want the house to be cool for you when you get home from work, set the air conditioning to come on during the day and keep the house cool for you coming home. don't set it to maximum power, about 50% will do, its just to keep the house cool for your return.
  • Pool Pumps & Filtration systems - Again have them come on during the day to have the energy use offset by the solar.

Using energy during the day is the most efficient way to reduce your energy bill alongside a solar installation.