Verify that the wireless adapter is fully seated in the left USB port (looking at Envoy from the front). 

Plug the included Ethernet cable either to a laptop directly or to a PC on the same broadband router network.

Access the Envoy Administration page. 

Enter the IP address of the Envoy LCD in the Internet browser.

Enter the default login credentials for the Administration menu:

Username: admin 

Password: admin

From the Administration menu, select Wi-Fi Configuration. 

This menu option is available only when the wireless adapter is installed in a USB port on the Envoy. The interface displays a list of available networks.

Click a network to select it and enter the password

If you don’t see your network listed, the router SSID broadcast may be blocked. If so, enter the SSID (name) and password.

If your network is not blocked and not listed, click Re-Scan to refresh the list of networks.

Status messages appear during the connection process, including “Connection Test” and Confirmation”.

Click Join Network when displayed. 

After joining, the network displays in bold in the list of available networks. 

Disconnect the Ethernet cable. Within two minutes, an updated IP address displays on the Envoy LCD screen, indicating that a wireless connection is established. Within a minute, the Envoy LCD screen displays +Web, indicating a successful connection to Enphase.