Learn about the care and maintenance of Enphase microinverters

The Enphase Microinverter system requires virtually no maintenance and provides you with trouble-free energy production.

Still, there are things you can do to help maintain system performance. Talk to your solar professional to come up with a maintenance schedule for your array.

Monitor system performance

Check energy production from your Enphase Microinverters on MyEnlighten to compare the month-to-month, or the year-to-year performance of your system.

For example, use the MyEnlighten energy grid or generate a report and compare the energy production for one month to the same month in the previous year. Is it the same or lower? If lower, did cloud cover reduce energy production? If not, you may want to perform a visual inspection of your array and check for debris.

Visually inspect the modules (panels), especially after storms, hail and high winds

An inspection from the ground, with binoculars if needed, is usually sufficient. Check the array for dust, debris, leaves, and other soiling. Clean solar modules generate maximum energy harvest.

Some geographic regions do not have much dust, debris, and pollution, so solar modules remain relatively clean and maintain optimum energy performance. In other areas, rain and snow naturally clean modules and help maintain performance.

Perform an annual check

Talk to your solar professional about performing a yearly check. Your solar professional can inspect your array and verify that the electrical and mechanical connections are intact and working efficiently.