How to Reprogram you Vonet WiFi Bridge





Step 1: How to download the latest version of Vonet.


Please select the link attached  Vonet Download to download the latest Vonet Software

The link will take you to a Web browser which will display a list of different Vonet Versions to download

Scroll down until you see Version: VAP11G_Setup_5.0.32.7 and select 'Download'



If you have issues opening the file you may be required to download a compression tool in order to execute the file.

Example: Winrar.

Please select the link attached to download Winrar

Once you have downloaded the Software onto your PC, select the Download file and to start the Set up.

The download file may be located on your Internet Explorer tool bar or your Downloads folder.

Step 2: Installing your Windows Version


Select the correct Software for your Windows Version by selecting WIN7/VISTA or WINXP

The next screen below will appear.

Select 'Next' to continue.



If the image below appears at any time, select the OK / YES and continue to install.

The Software comes with two installations - Vonet & WINPCAP. 

WINPCAP is required to be installed when using Vonet.

Continue to select 'Next'' until Finish.

Step 3: Connecting Vonet to PC 

You must connect your Vonet Device directly to your PC.

The image below display the correct way to connect your Votnet to your PC.

Step 4: Re Programing the Vonet Device.

Once you have completed the installation, access the Program located on your Desktop.

The Software will automatically look for the Wifi Bridge.

The image below displays the Software searching for the Bridge.

 If the Software does not find the bridge, check the cables and make sure that you they have BOTH been plugged into your PC correctly.

If successful, you will see the same image as below. 

This means the Software is complete and ready to start Searching.

Select the 'Next' button to continue.



As displayed below, the Software has now detected all Wifi Networks with in range. 

Select the Wifi Network you are after followed by 'Next' to continue 

The next step will require you to enter in the network key.

Please enter the appropriate Security Type, and Key (password) settings for the WiFi network you wish to connect to.

Once you have entered the following fields above select the 'Next' button

You will now see the window below, select 'Next' again to save all new settings.



VAP11G will attempt to connect the wireless network with the new settings. Make sure the Bridge’s Wireless LED is solidly lit or flashing. This indicates that the Bridge has connected to the wireless network. If the attempt succeeds, proceed to screen 12. If the attempt fails, you have two options offered by a pop-up screen. Click the Yes button to save the new settings and proceed, or click the No button to return to the Choose a Wireless Network screen and reconfigure the settings

To obtain the gateway router successfully select the 'Successfully associated to wireless network' window as shown below followed by the 'Exit' button to exit the installation.