Bills not adding up -  A couple Items to look for on your solar electricity bill

When we are doing a bill analysis we need to compare 2 bills from roughly the same times of the year, one with solar and one without.

Couple of items to look for on the bill:

  • Is there a solar credit?   -   Normally itemised separately on the bill, make sure your getting your solar rebate for any energy exported to the grid. if its not on the bill then your not on a solar tariff with your energy provider - Remember and shop around for the best deal!
  • How much energy was used over the bill period?   -   if last years quarter you used 1000 units of electricity and this years quarter you used 600 units of electricity, we can safely assume that the solar system has accounted for the 400 units of electricity not drawn from the grid. If your not sure you can always run a solar report on Enphase enlighten to see what the solar system actually produced in the bill period. 
  • Has the unit charge per unit gone up?   -   We are starting to notice that when clients go onto a solar tariff, the cost per unit of electricity rises considerably (possibly from 25 cents a unit to 35 cents a unit)
  • Service Charge increase?   -   Sometimes when moving to a solar tariff you will find that your service charge on the bill will increase. this is often a way for the supplier recuperating costs, demand for it to be lowered by the supplier.
  • Solar rebate   -   How much energy have you exported to the grid? remember if you export 1000 units back to the grid, this is energy produced and wasted; you are potentially missing out on saving $300 worth of electricity charges on your bill, if this happen every quarter then your missing out drasticaly. Please see our guide on how to use solar systems effectively to increase your savings.   How to use solar energy correctly

Below: an example energy bill with solar rebate included

Using this information you should be able to do a basic bill analysis and see exactly what all the changes are between your old and new bills.

As always, if this how to hasn't helped you to figure a solution to your query, please feel free to reply to this email and you will be contacted shortly.